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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Advantages of Promotional Pens and the Top Ten Coolest of the Bunch

Why Use Promotional Items?

If you own your own business or sell any kind of product, you know how important a great marketing campaign is. To ably and expertly promote yourself to the masses, most especially to your target audience is something you need to master or watch your potential profits and return of investment go down the drain.

You also need to be innovative, enterprising and most of all creative when It comes to thinking up ways to promote your products or services. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers know only too well that a lot of creativity can do wonders for your business and make it grow by leaps and bounds. While it may be necessary to spend quite a bit to achieve this goal, you can also go for less expensive means that have about the same effect as a full-blown marketing campaign and the way to go about it is by using logo-branded merchandise.

Virtually any everyday item can be used to promote your products and services. From coffee mugs, to T-shirts, hats, lanyards, backpacks – basically anything and everything that people use on a daily basis and use as part of their daily routine can be transformed into a promotional item that you can either give away for free or as part of a promotional event. You can also try to give them as awards or prizes because this way, they get associated with feelings of goodwill and appreciation that is translated over to your company.

However, one thing you must note is that the items you use must be something people are willing to keep and should also be actually useful as otherwise, they can just be thrown away or given as recycled gifts. You must remember that if your clients or customers keep them and use them often, then there is a greater chance of brand recall and recognition with effects greater than that of radio, TV or print advertising. Plus, because promotional items can be customized in any way possible, they are truly worth every cent and represent outstanding savings.

Using Pens as Promotional Items…What are the Advantages?
Among the many useful items that are popular as promotional gifts are pens. Who doesn't own a pen even in these times when people seem to have forgotten the art of writing and mastered the skill of typing instead? Even with fancy-schmancy smartphones, touch-screen laptops and tablets, there are still those who appreciate the value and sentiment of hand-written letters and as such, are most likely to keep pens given as gifts. And of course, people love to get free stuff…who doesn't?

For most business owners who rely on the power of promotional items to let the world know who they are, pens are the most affordable items yet one of the most powerful methods of promotion that they can use. When given for free at trade shows, marketing conventions, golf tournaments or races, these are one of the items people eagerly reach for especially office employees who think you can never have enough pens. They are small and unobtrusive and therefore, are the subtlest but most effective way to get your point across.

In the old days, business owners used to give away tons of calling cards to potential clients but what happens usually is that they got stuffed inside wallets and forgotten or get thrown away when it’s time for some spring cleaning. Besides, there really wasn’t any good use for calling cards but you can do a lot with using pens. Even if they’re just sitting in your pen holder or being twirled idly in your fingers, people do notice a pen with brightly imprinted words and once they start noticing the writing, their curiosity gets going.

Also, the style and look of the pens is one reason they will make great promotional items. Pens these days no longer just come with your regular caps or press-down tops. Since we all start appreciating or admiring items visually, promotional pens now come in a variety of attractive designs and bold colors that make people want to use them. Plus, they can also be customized according to your clients’ business or kind of work, creating an even deeper impact as far as branding, recognition and recall are concerned.

What are the Coolest Promotional Pens Available in the Market These Days?
Talking of the latest styles, you can choose from wide, wide range of pens that you can use as promotional items, from the simple, everyday kind of pens to the fancy, gold-plated kind that is usually given as gifts to company higher-ups. The flexibility and the many customization options pens offer make it ideal to give to anybody, from entry level employees to the company CEO. Want to know what the top ten coolest promotional pens look like? Check out the list below:

1: Souvenir Syringe Promotional Pens

These pens resemble hospital syringes and are best given away at hospital charity events or health care conventions. You simply press down on the “plunger” on top to reveal the pen point, and then release the tab on the side to retract it. They also come in realistic liquid colors of red, blue and purple, with a barrel that’s wide enough to put your company name on.

2: Mini Personalized Sharpies

These mini-markers are half the size of your usual whiteboard markers. While they may be small, they are quite hard to lose since they come with convenient cap clips that are perfect for key chains and lanyards. And as with your regular-sized markers, they also write and mark well on any surface with non-toxic ink and can be personalized with up to four-color imprints on the barrel.

3: Goofy and Funky Promotional Pens

A little bit of humor is always a great way to start anyone’s day and nothing does this better than pens designed with goofy and funky designs. Check out pens with featuring fat lady toppers dressed in a cute pink and yellow shirt, or a pen with a dust brush on top to not just write with but to clean with as well. For your more environmentally-inclined clients, you can also choose to give Earth and Bee pens and for those with a funky sense of fashion, pens with goofy cap toppers should brighten their day.

4: Post-It Flag Pens

For your most organized clients, nothing looks better than pen with a built-in Post-It dispenser so they can quickly label files and documents to keep them in order. The cover rotates to expose 50 flags and the best part is that refills are available commercially.

5: Metallic Silver Markers

Always one to make a bold statement, metallic silver pens are great to use on dark surfaces or to write messages of well-being to a colleague who is down in the dumps. These pens always go over great with clients who have a creative personality and like to use bold ink colors every time. These regular-sized markers can also be customized with multiple colors against a silver-grey backdrop for maximum impact.

6: Eco Pens

With everybody now being concerned about the environment and its plight, it would be great to encourage your clients to go green with these pens that are made up of 74% recycled materials while at the same time being able to place your company logo on its three sides, with three different imprints and in 3 different colors for maximum effect. The best part, these pens have up to 1.2 writing miles so you can be assured that your clients will be using it for a long, long time.

7: Two-Sider Pens

Talk about multi-tasking! These pens come as a highlighter and ball pen combo that allows you to highlight important facts with one side and write notes with the other, perfect for the very organized and thorough employee.

8: Expert Logo Pens

Perfect for the boss! These pens come with beveled caps, 23k gold-guilded double rings and finely lacquered barrels with a windswept-dune design and brushed chrome look which is a perfect backdrop for your company logo that is imprinted or engraved on the side. They come available in fountain pen, ball pen, roller, and ball pen/pencil set as well so there’s no chance for second-guessing.

9: Body Action Pen/Stylus

Check out these pens with wide bodies and tips that double as a smart phone or tablet stylus. The large and wide barrel allows for more than just your company logo, you can actually print your phone numbers too. Now there’ll be no chances of them ever losing your number.

10: Cross Promotional Pens

If you want to make your clients feel important, then Cross Gold-Filled Rolled Gold Ball is your best bet. Engrave your company logo on the side clip and your client will surely remember you every time they sign important contracts or documents. Plus, nothing signifies success more than the color gold, right?

Useful, flexible, well-designed and affordable…these are the best qualities promotional pens have that business owners love which is why it has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular promotional items today. Check out some great options online and start making a name for yourself.

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