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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Building a Brand Using Promotional Products

Have you ever wondered why there are some companies that give away t-shirts, mugs and pens in some corporate events?  These things are called promotional products or merchandise. These things are given by businesses and their owners to help them establish their brand. These small giveaways are very important in building a brand and for owners to etch their respective brands on the minds of the public.
Giving of promotional items has been around for some time. It is well noted in history that George Washington gave commemorative buttons during his election bid. These buttons can be considered as promotional items. Businesses in the past have given away bags, calendars and some wooden artifacts to their loyal customers. These gifts are promotional items and are very helpful in building a brand in the past. The act of giving promotional items was credited to Jason Meeks of Ohio. He convinced a local shoe store to create bags with the store’s name printed on it and it was given to the local school. Starting from that time, giving of promotional items has been revolutionized.

A brand is everything for a business. A brand is precious as it makes the business successful and profitable. A business brand helps the business gain potential customers. It is like a magnet that draws people so that the business would earn. By building a reputable business and brand name, whether it is in the online of offline arena, the business will be able to reach out more clients and consumers.
Promotional products are the means used by owners and managers to reach out to the common people. Even in the past, companies, big and small, have used promotional merchandise to create awareness of their respective brand. This gift giving is usually done during conferences, expos and other events sponsored by the company.
But how does a giving promotional item help in building a brand?
There are several ways that giving promotional items can help in building a brand. First, is it helps reinforce existing products and services. What does this mean? Once in a while a business or a company will try to make improvements with their products or services. They could add some new features to products that could benefit the public or they try to offer an extra service in addition to the current one they are giving without actually increasing the price. Giving out promotional products will help the business tell the people of these new features or services. This will help motivate people to buy the product or service and make the loyal customers happy with the improvements of their beloved products or services.
Another use of the promotional items is to create awareness to new products or services which are available for the public. It is critical to promote these new products and services so that the public will buy and use them. Surely there are many platforms in promoting a product and giving out promotional merchandise is one of them. Promoting the new products can be done in local events done in local communities. A company or business can distribute pens, flyers, t-shirts, or other merchandise which are printed with the name of the company’s new product. The business can also opt to give some manuals providing information why they should take hold of these products and any other existing products of the business.
Promoting a good reputation is another benefit that promotional products can give a business or company. A very good and reliable reputation will help the public remember a business or service. It is natural for people to remember good experiences when using a product or availing a service. If your company has made a lot of customers happy then surely they will easily remember the services you are offering or the products that you are selling. Giving gifts is one way to make people happy. A company can give pens and writing pads in a local school or gift baskets to pediatrics ward and people will easily remember them of these gifts. Also, if a company is known for its humanitarian works and environmental awareness programs then this will help build a good reputation for the brand. A reputable company will also received some referrals and will help promote your company. The more people that would know about your company the more clients you will have and profits will certainly flow in. This is what a good reputation can give your company.
Giving giveaways to previous clients and customers are also very helpful in building a brand. Most of the time a business owner or manager keeps contact information of previous customers and past clients so that it’s easy to reach them when a business has a new product or service. Sending these past clients with gifts or promotional items and with their respective names printed on these items will make the clients happy and feel special. Any merchandise can sent as gifts. Usually these would be pens, t-shirts, caps, pens, lanyards or any other item that would be useful for the customer. These would be sent personally or by mail to the previous clients. Clients who would receive this would surely be happy and make them realize that they are special to the company. As a result these past clients would remain with the business and would patronize the products and services of the company. Also, they would help in promoting the products and services to other people. They would tell their friends and family members how amazing and effective the products or services your company is giving.
Giving promotional items should not be limited to the consumers or the public. A company can also give promotional items or merchandise to the employees. By giving these items to employees, your business is being empowered to spread your brand to the local community. By giving some promotional items to employees, there is a high chance that they will also share these items to their families and friends. This means that they are spreading your product indirectly and more people will be aware of your business.
The best thing about giving promotional items is that it is cheaper compared to the traditional advertising methods. Though media may be a powerful tool but promotional items can be as powerful as TV advertising. A small promotional pen could still have the same effect to a business the same way paid actors can affect the sales of products and services. Promotional items are affordable and they are very effective means of creating an awareness of the brand of the company.

Promotional products have had a long history and it is quite effective in building up awareness and trust for the brand. There are no limits in using promotional items and a business can use any item at its disposal to promote a brand. Most effective ones are those that can be used in the activities of daily living. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small, medium or large business, promotional items can make an impact to them. There are so many manufacturers and distributors that can help provide good promotional items. They are affordable and very creative. If you are planning to use promotional items, you can contact them and build a good name for your business.

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