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Friday, August 2, 2013

Promotional Pens for Product Launches

Shared Customer Story:
My boss wanted extra promotional materials for our upcoming business product launch. I was surfing around the net when I saw Gary's website called and found this perfect logo pen by PaperMate called PaperMate Element. True to its name, I was persuaded by how it looked that I simply thought to myself that this is the right pen to use for the upcoming product and service launch. It was elegant, classic, it suited my boss’ tastes and our company’s purpose and it also tells what kind of company we are. I have a picky and fickle boss but when I showed him the website picture of the pen I chose he immediately gave me the nod, which is a signal that he wants it ordered in bulk and stamped with our company logo.

It wasn't just the image or the picture or how the pen looked like that won me over and my boss, it was also because it came with many different business appropriate colors and as my boss would say: “Variety is good”. I guess that is also one of the reasons why he was so quick to make the decision because it would normally take him some time to make a decision and he also wants his money’s worth; he’s just that kind of person.

I’m really thankful I stumbled upon that great website because without it, I would still be hunched over the computer finding the right pen for our launch this weekend!  Even though my boss takes a long time to decide, he wants fast results and that meant that he wanted the bulk order of the products immediately on the next day. I thought I’d be going to the usual routine of finding out if there was a local branch nearby and or going personally over to the local company to persuade the manager or owner if they cater to next day bulk delivery orders but I was so wrong!

I was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed that they had a next day shipping service, it costs extra but I don’t mind because it meant that I can have the pens on the very next day. When it arrived, my boss was very pleased because true to the website’s word, the pens were very chic and appropriate for our business front.

Everything was elegant; the words were well printed and precise that I could not believe it that the pens were just ordered the day before. I really thought it would be half-assed and have mediocre handling and barely passable but I was wrong again. As for the font choices, I was happy that they have a lot of options but most of all each and every pen with the printed logo and text was flawless, not a single smudge or misprint on any of them. I love the quality of the service I got, my boss does too.

From now on, we know where to bulk order our promo pens. Maybe we’ll try other pens too for the not so formal company events in the future. My boss had me bookmark the website because he was very pleased with the pens; in fact, he was so pleased that he wanted one himself! is the place to go for your company pen needs; they are courteous, fast, reliable and trusted. There was no hassle, you simply click what you want, input the quantity, upload the logo and select the next day shipping service and they do the rest for you. It was very easy. No stress, no unnecessary distractions and best of all you get your money’s worth!

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