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Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 Positive Promotional Pen Customers Stories

Here are 3 stories I would like to share from our satisfied customers. There are endless ways to use promotional pens and pencils.

Great for a Realtor
I laughed when I read your email asking for stories about pens we've ordered.I am now known for my pens. I order the same pen but in a different color and have since I became a Realtor in 2005.  I drop off pens wherever I go and when I revisit them they ask me for more.  They even comment if I've changed the color. They actually keep track of which ones they like.  I have clients who use my pens to sign contracts and then when we meet again ask me if I'd mind giving them more.  One set of sisters had one each to sign their contract and then I left some at the house we were selling.  At the closing they both whispered to me, 'can we have another pen?'.  At my hair salon the receptionist hides them from the stylists so she can save them for herself.  I walk in every 6 wks and hand her a few and she gets giddy! I've started handing them out saying, "you're going to love this pen and you'll be asking me for another one" and the next time I see them they say, omg, you're absolutely right!

I will never be without my Bic widebody to hand out!  
Thanks for the great service and pricing!

Jay Crowley

Great for a Chiropractor
You are more than welcome to post this.  I've been using your company now for what I think is over five years.  My chiropractic practice has benefited so much using your pens.  I find pens are the easiest form of advertising any business could do.  I leave them at the post office, banks, other doctor's office, and restaurants.  People love my pens and are upset when they get taken or lost, but that's the idea isn't it.

Gary your service is unbelievable.  As fast as someone can say the "P" in pen they are arriving at my door. Your turn around time is amazing and you have always been there to supply me with other give-away's at a reasonable price.  You truly live up to The Pen Guy name.

Jay Horowitz, DC
Montgomery Family Chiropractic

Great For Schools
Gary:  I bought pencils from you several years ago when I was the University Assessment Coordinator.  We were trying to create a culture of assessment and gave out the pencils at every Assessment Convocation until we ran out of them.  We now have a standing Assessment Committee, a yearly Assessment Convocation and I believe we have been moderately successful in creating a culture of assessment at our University.  In addition, New Mexico has a Higher Education Assessment and Retention Conference yearly and I have used the pencils in our gift bags.  We love your pencils because the erasers do not dry up.  I am now the Interim Dean in the College of Education and we will probably be ordering pencils and other items from you in the future.  Thank you for helping us to be reminded that assessment is important as we continue to educate students.

Professor and Interim Dean

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