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Friday, August 23, 2013

25 of the Best Uses for Promotional Pens

Using certain items or products, such as t-shirts, notepads, or usually even smaller ones such as clips or pens, for promotional purposes may seem like a waste of budget for your company - given that they seem only too little an investment to be given more attention to. Little do you know, they are not just used, printed on, and distributed to a lot of people for no reason. These little investments, believe it or not, will help your company in quite a large scale with regards to advertising.

You may think that you should better invest in much bigger types of advertising; there are posters, print ads, and billboards for you to use. Sure, they can be noticed more by a lot of people, even outside your target audience, but they also cost a hell lot of money just for advertising. What's more is that these ads only sit in one place and most probably, can only be seen by the same people every day. If you consider using little products like promotional pens, though, the news about your company can possibly travel to a whole lot of places through the hands of different kinds of people.

There are a lot of ways you can make use of pens in promoting your business or company. Here are 25 ways that will make you start producing those pens already.

1. Pass it on.
This is probably the easiest, and the most obvious way, you can make use of promotional pens. Little items such as pens or pencils that you invest on are often so easy to be given to a lot of people. That doesn't stop from there; they can also be passed along from one person to another.

2. Everyday reminders.
While these pens may not be owned by a potential customer, that customer might be able to see one from another who has gotten a hold of one of those promotional pens and might serve as a daily reminder for them of the message your company is trying to send.

3. Event freebies.
Because these promotional items are totally low-cost, you can make use of it by giving it away as freebies on events or local gatherings on a certain town - given, of course, that they provide you with mentions as a sponsor. That way, the guests will be able to appreciate your kindness in giving out free pens while noticing your company's brand. It's like hitting two birds in one stone.

4. Customer giveaways.
It's always better to give back to your customers for entertaining your products. What better way can you do that than to give away free pens right after they purchase a certain product? Although it seems like a small gesture, they can surely appreciate the thought.

5. Back to school.
Depending on your target market, school events may be the perfect time to give away pens with your company name and logo on them. Not only can you reach another type of audience this time, your pens will surely go a long way since these students will surely make use of them.

6. Corporate presents.
You can always give a couple of boxes to your possible high-end clientele. The gesture may impress your potential client and might even add you another big shot customer in the future.

7. Reward your employees.
Not all promotional items can only be used outside of the company. You can also just give it away as rewards to your employees when they are doing well at work. With the amount of work they go through, they need a little token of appreciation, too.

8. Website rewards.
Make it a habit that you also take time to think about your online customers as well. For sure, they will be checking your website out for any updates on new products or freebies. That will be the perfect time for you to give away your free pens.

9. Give using other sites, too.
You can also collaborate with non-competing brands to give your freebies on their websites, too. For it to be much more effective, you have to make sure that these sites have the same target market as you do.

10. Use it to upgrade.
You can make use of these freebies to encourage your customers to upgrade their orders. Perhaps, you can give higher-end pens for free when they double their order of a certain product you sell.

11. Reward your best customer.
There is nothing more effective in gaining loyal customers than rewarding those who have been most loyal to you. Look through your records and check out who that customer is and give him or her a dozen or so of your pens.

12. Think of your affiliates, too.
Your affiliates are doing a great deal of a job in promoting your products, so why not send them those promotional items as well as a thank-you gesture? They will surely appreciate the thought and will even try harder in promoting your brand.

13. Non-competitors.
You can use other non-competing businesses to promote your business, too. Make sure that you have the same target market though; otherwise your promotion will be useless. It will be much easier if you create mutual relationships with different companies in the first place, as well.

14. Trade shows.
Trade shows are the best opportunities for you to give out your promotional pens, so better keep an eye on them in your town or local area. These pens may serve as business cards when you hand them to the visitors of the show.

15. Local businesses.
Another tip is that you make a list of new local businesses in your area and collaborate with them. You may hand deliver them a bunch of your pens, your resume, and prospectus.

16. Local media.
The local media would surely love it if you send out free pens. If possible, you could even send them donuts or cookies, too. You'll never know they get to thank you on-air. That's additional promotion for you.

17. Vacation spots.
Make use of your out-of-town vacations and include your giveaways on your luggage. Once you're there, handsome to your hotel's reception area and other crowded places you can think of. That's going the extra mile. Literally.

18. Raise money for charity.
Your promotional pens will go a long way when you use it on non-profit organizations that usually hold fundraisers and auctions. Donating these items will not only gain funds, but will also gain you exposure. Plus, your potential customer will benefit from them, too.

19. Organize a contest.
This will be a great way to give away your promotional pens as prizes. They may not always be big contests, but the thought of it would be fun to your customers and to the potential ones, as well.

20. Use them as coupons.
Yes, you can use your promotional pens as coupons for your customers to get discounts on a certain product that you're selling. That way, they will be enticed to take your freebies or even share them to others.

21. Conferences and meetings.
These might be the excellent resources to hand out your pens to others within the same industry as yours. Meetings are also a great way to know your customers better.

22. Grand openings.
People sure do love openings, since these are the times that they get discounts and other free stuff. That would also be the perfect time for you to hand out your promotional pens, too.

23. Family gatherings.
While it may seem like your last resort, you can always distribute your promotional stuff to your family members and relatives, especially during big gatherings. You'll be amazed at how connections will help promote your brand.

24. Newspaper companies.
These companies would definitely love free pens and would surely be used by their writers. You might even get free promotion on the paper, if you exert more effort.

25. Give them with other items.
People wouldn't want to receive the same promotional items every time. They may have received a lot of pens from different brands already so it's best that you stand out from the rest by giving away other freebies, like t-shirts and mugs, along with your pens, as well.

Distributing your company's promotional pens is not as easy as it sounds. You have to give it to the right places and events in order to give a lasting good impression to your potential customers out there. can help. We have been providing promotional pens for over 25 years. Contact us today.

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