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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Advertising Pens for a Small Coffee Shop

Customer Story:
Years ago, I went to Paris for a tour with my family and fell in love with their quaint cafes and bistros. I have always wanted to get into the food and drinks business and when I got back to the United States was when I decided to start my own coffee shop. I spent so many nights with my friend who is also a consultant, writing a business proposal so I can get a loan and get started on my goals. 

No matter how hard the times are, people keep coming back to coffee shops. It seems as if these businesses, especially the well-known ones are always packed with people. All types of personalities can be found inside such establishments. You can find writers, painters, businessmen, job-seekers among others. Coffee can be such a good stimulant because it wakes up the senses. 

There are numerous benefits one can get from this delicious drink. Whether it is hot or cold, it still appeals to a whole lot of people. The cakes and pastries also taste better when paired with it. My business has a cozy ambiance and it feels almost like home when you curl up on the soft couches and bean bags by the corner. 

Because of the aroma and options that you can get from such drinks, shops like mine are popping up everywhere. The competition is a little tough and I have to look for ways to keep people coming back to my place. It is not easy as marketing and advertising are too expensive done the traditional way. If I want to get people to notice my products, I would have to go for a television ad. Sad to say, that is way out of my budget. 

Getting a newspaper ad is not as interesting as the one on TV. For one thing, the advertisement on paper does not have any expression, just mere words. I do not think that is going to work for such establishments, especially if we are talking about food and drinks here. Also, getting a colored ad is again too expensive and I do not have the same assurance as on TV. 

Watermen Pens
A friend suggested that I should give out freebies with my company's name on it. It was such a great idea! I thought of my customers who are writers and came up with the idea of giving out promo pens. I can have the logo on it as well as choose the colors. I chose the Waterman Carene because of its elegant look. I love it and I imagined the logo of my company on it and it just took my breath away. I immediately ordered a big batch of them. 

Because I wanted to give my appreciation to the frequent buyers, I spent a little more on them. I ordered some Parker pens and when I gave those marketing pens away to them, the smile that they gave me stretched from ear to ear. Believe it or not, it gave me such a warm and satisfied feeling knowing that they appreciated my token. 

When I was just starting out, I had a hard time with marketing. It was difficult coming up with ways to get noticed. I did not want to waste too much of my available resources on promotions but when I checked, I knew I made a good choice by investing in these brilliant scheme of selling my products. Who would have thought a promotional pen was the reason for my success? Thank you so much for giving me an option and a chance to prove to people that my products are great! Once they got the beautiful items, they kept coming back for more of my cakes and coffee. 

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