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Monday, July 29, 2013

Promotional Pens for Breast Cancer Awareness

Shared Customer Story:
I am in a group organizing for a Breast Cancer Awareness Symposium in my area. I found and they had this souvenir pens called the Hope pen which is very appropriate and matches exactly what we need as our group company pen. It makes a great giveaway because it is pink and it portrays the right amount of sensitivity for those who lost their loved ones to breast cancer and those who are going through it.  We want the symposium to end in a hearty, light-mannered way so as our parting gift to our participants we want to bequeath upon them little pink pens with hopeful messages to end the event well.

When I saw this logo pen, I immediately wanted to purchase it because it was simply perfect.  It was a friend who recommended the site to me; she gave me a link of the product and told me to check it out. So I did and I had the giveaway ideas crossed out of the bucket list. I am so glad that the website was made so efficiently that every instruction was made so simple and with a few clicks I only had to wait for order confirmation and the rest was history.

We just received the package yesterday and the timing was impeccable because I received the package implicitly on the day that the email said it would come, so cheers for the refreshing honesty and good service!  I didn't open and see the package until now and now that I saw it, I knew I had to write this testimonial to express my gratitude.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Advertising Pens for a Small Coffee Shop

Customer Story:
Years ago, I went to Paris for a tour with my family and fell in love with their quaint cafes and bistros. I have always wanted to get into the food and drinks business and when I got back to the United States was when I decided to start my own coffee shop. I spent so many nights with my friend who is also a consultant, writing a business proposal so I can get a loan and get started on my goals. 

No matter how hard the times are, people keep coming back to coffee shops. It seems as if these businesses, especially the well-known ones are always packed with people. All types of personalities can be found inside such establishments. You can find writers, painters, businessmen, job-seekers among others. Coffee can be such a good stimulant because it wakes up the senses.