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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Promo Marketing Pens for Event Organizers

Shared Customer Story:
Organizing an event is not easy in any way. In fact, there are so many things to be planned. This is the reason why many people seek the services of an event organizer. I am happy to have this job. I find satisfaction in helping others make their plans into reality. Then again, it is not so easy to look for a client especially that there are so many other people who are into event organizing. I knew that I had to do something about the situation. I was aware of the tough competition around. I realized that I had to make a move right away.

I spent more time on my website. I wanted it to look better, and I made sure that people would be able to access it whenever they needed the services of an event organizer. I also recognized the importance of letting people know of my existence. It would be pretty much useless for them to know about me and my skills in event organizing if they did not know that I existed. I knew that I had to do something very similar to promoting a product or a service.

A promotional campaign can be very expensive if one does not do it the right way. How wouldn’t I know? It is one of my jobs. In fact, I have helped so many businesses promote their products and services. It’s pretty ironical that I am so good in helping others, but I had a hard time helping myself. I could not imagine not working as an event planner, which is why I had to give myself enough exposure. I knew that if I did not get enough clients, there’s a chance that I would have to look for another career. It wasn’t something that felt right or sounded good to me, so I immediately started looking for a promotional campaign perfect for my budget.

It was so easy to look for the answer to my dilemma. I did not have to look too far. All I needed were promo pens. And of all the pens I found, I opted for Papermate Breeze. Breeze pens have both style and quality and are just perfect for any marketing campaign. Although some pens were way cheaper, I did not hesitate to choose Breeze pens because of its quality and style. I wanted to give people the perception that I was not just a regular event organizer, but I was a very good one. I wanted them to know that I only gave my best in every job.

After ordering the marketing pens, I then started thinking about who should get them and where I should give it away. When the pens were delivered, I began giving them to my previous clients as well as to potential ones. I even gave some of them to my friends and family members and told them to share it to those that would need the services of an event planner.

And because each pen had my name, contact number, and website, there were a lot of people that started contacting me. This is how I learned that there are indeed a lot of people out there that need some sort of assistance with their future events. And ever since I began using these advertising pens in my promotional campaign, my clients have doubled in number.

The success I am enjoying right now is not just because of the pens, but also because of the site where I got them. has done an excellent job. I received the help I needed from the very start until I got my order. Customer service was exceptional, and I definitely recommend to all those that need pens for their promotional campaigns.

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