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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Promotional Pens for a Family Business

Shared Customer Story:

Me and my family have a small humble business passed down from generation to generation and right now, me and my husband are the present caretakers of the business and we want it to last well long enough to pass it down to our children in the future so that the cycle continues. The business nowadays is picking up slowly and we were thinking of promoting our new products in the market so that our business can hopefully be revived like it was in the olden times.

My father-in-law told me that you can never go wrong with promotional pens because as he said it doesn't cost that much unlike any other promotional materials and also, you can buy it by the bundle, it’s easy enough to carry around and it has an endless amount of advertising potential.

My husband I talked about it and we thought really hard and we all agreed that it indeed was a wise and practical thing to invest in. Like almost everything now, you can find anything you want on the internet and that’s how we discovered The website was a lot of help when we browsed about by its content because we were given a lot of choices. I mean there were so many among to choose that  we had to take a vote in order to get the best one and what everyone agrees on is very important to us.

We finally chose the Intensity Clic Gel from the Intensity Clic Bic Pens. Now, our small business is big on customization and our trademark cozy and homely product feels is what made our business go as long as it has today.

We chose them as our marketing pens because I think we all agreed in the family that Bic is a prominent name in the pen industry and also that the pen style and the colors are suitable to our liking, they are colorful enough but not glaringly so.

What we liked in the website is the freedom to choose and customize the pens as we pleased. We originally thought that we would only be having black ink colors but to our surprise the type we picked and wanted had different fun colors. When the package arrived, we were impressed by how carefully they packed our company pens; it was really treated with care. My family and I are a thrifty lot and we especially like it if we get our money’s worth and we did because the pens we received were shiny, new and colorful.

We would like to let our old and new customers know and feel that the kind of products we are selling and the kind of service we do is what is naturally expected from five generations of doing business because we don’t want to disappoint our forefathers and we want to continue the family tradition. It was very easy to give them away during our product promotion event because the pens were very eye catching, unique and it looks so customized that anyone I've handed it out to would gladly receive it.

All in all, the pens were a great marketing tool, you never go wrong with them because they can travel anywhere and they carry with them your company’s name, your company’s contact information and your company’s website. When you send them out there you can only imagine the number of people who can read them on a daily basis. They also have a long shell life too; they don’t expire unless they run out of ink. Pens are highly effective advertising tools; they are light-weight, low cost and very multipurpose. You get to promote your company and still people can use your promotional items and we like that.

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