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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Promotional Pens for a Pediatric Doctor

Young people, especially children, need a lot of attention and care especially when it comes to their health. As expected they are quite restless and can get into a lot of accidents. It can happen during sports, playtime and practically anytime. You cannot really blame parents and guardians for that since they do not have full control over situations sometimes.

It is understandable that parents will bring their children to their family doctor who treats individuals from the youngest to the oldest in the family. However, it is always better to bring them to specialists because we are trained to focus on them and their special needs. You can have peace of mind that the expert you are going to is the right one.

Aside from knowing what to do and pinpointing the exact ailments, I am equipped to make children feel comfortable. As a child myself, I have once been terrified of going for visits. I was afraid of being poked at, scared of facing the big bad needle. When I was not feeling well, my parents took me to the pediatrician and I always felt better after those visits.

Tiny tots are often afraid of medical practitioners like doctors, nurses, dentists and anyone who wears white or works in a hospital or clinic setting. I am a pediatric surgeon and believe me, I have my share of screaming patients who do all sorts of tricks just so they cannot get inside my examination room. It is not easy talking to them when they are bawling their heads off.

Over the years, I looked into different strategies in making them less afraid of me. I have decorated my office with colorful pictures and filled my waiting room with entertaining toys. The furniture are also bright and pleasing to their eyes. Instead of the traditional white desk and stuffy chair, I opted for a candy-colored table and rainbow bean bags. As soon as they enter, all thoughts of being afraid are gone.

I also have to think of ways to get them to come back. Sometimes, no amount of comforting words could get them to feel okay, especially after getting shots. Naturally, I give out sweets but it would be better to give them something they can use and play with at the same time. T-shirts and bags are out of the question. They are a bit too expensive.

I decided to give out a promo pen to each patient instead. I ordered Funky Goofy Pens which are quite colorful and entertaining. I also had my name and contact details on them as well. Not only am I am promoting myself, I am also giving them something fun and exciting to use and play with. It is especially useful for school age kids. I have heard from my patients' parents that a lot of their friends were asking about them.

I also made sure that I appreciate the parents of my patients. I ordered a bulk of Post It Flag Pen. It is very functional since it can be used to mark pages of important documents which I am sure the mommies and daddies can definitely use in their work. I did the same thing, placing my name, contact details, the address of my clinic and my clinic hours as well on each promotional pen. They have been telling me how easy it was to get a hold of me because of that.

I am so thankful for the wonderful idea that has given to me. They have definitely helped me with my need to increase my clientele. All I had to do was choose the best design that fits my specifications. Everyday is a busy, bustling day and it is all because of the wonderful marketing pen idea.

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