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Friday, November 9, 2012

Promotional Pens as Party Souvenirs

Shared Customer Story:

I celebrated my birthday a couple of months ago. Since it was my 40th birthday, I wanted to have a huge celebration. Months before the big day, I already started planning for it. I knew that there were so many things that I had to prepare. I had to make decisions on the venue, food, and even the giveaways. Choosing a venue was easy because I already had one in mind. I picked the same venue where my friend celebrated his birthday. As for the food, I gave the job to my sister. She’s a chef and she knows exactly what good food is.

When it came to the giveaways, I decided to do the job on my own. I wanted to make sure that I picked souvenirs that were right for the occasion. There were so many options available. Choosing an item was somewhat hard for me merely because there were so many things to choose from. I was not so concerned with the price because I was financially prepared for the occasion.

I thought about t-shirts and mugs, but they were not so classy. I wanted an item that had class and was useful at the same time. I did not want it to be kept inside the cabinet or the kitchen. So I spent more time searching until I found promotional pens. My goal was not to promote myself or my business. I just wanted the pens to have my name, my birth date, and words that showed my appreciation.

Logo pens are very popular items and I knew that many businesses were using it for their promotional campaigns. I expected to see so many stores selling these items, and I was not wrong. Then again, I had to make a choice and I opted for The site offered me numerous pens to choose from. Being a user of Parker pens all my life, I immediately checked Parker pens offered by

I chose Parker Urban Gel gold engraved pen over other promo pens. The modern style and the smooth gel ink made it classy and functional. And since the motif of the event was black and white, I chose black Urban Gel pens. The items I ordered cost so much more than other Parker pens as well as those from other brands, but I knew that I would not make a mistake with my choice.

I received the pens days before my birthday, and I tried using a couple of them before they were prepared for the special occasion. And because it looked so good, I could not help but keep a couple of pens to myself.

The entire celebration went smoothly. We all had a great time. Rather than giving the pens at the end of the party, I had one placed beside every plate. Before the guests went home, they all thanked me for inviting them and some said that I had wonderful giveaways that they could use very often.

This is also one reason why I chose Parker pens. Because of the beauty of the pens, I knew that most of the guest would not throw it away and would rather keep it as a souvenir. After all, it is a souvenir of a special day.

Looking for pens as giveaways was so much fun, and I would not hesitate to do so next year. It would not have been possible without the help I got from the people at They assisted me throughout the process and also offered me a very good deal. When I turn a year older and plan to buy pens again, I would only purchase them from because I know that they will only give me the kind of service that I deserve.

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