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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Promotional Pens for a Non-Profit Organization

Shared Personal Customer Story;
Many times when we were children, we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up. Most of us would answer with careers that are sure to be financially fulfilling. I was that kind of child and I grew up with other kids who were also well off. I was that kind of child until I chanced upon a documentary about children who wanted to go to school but could not because of monetary problems. From that moment, I knew I wanted to finish school to help the less fortunate people.

When you are a volunteer for a non-profit organization, it does not mean that you do not find any other work but that. I have a day job and I completed my course with flying colors. I once promised myself that I was going to be a volunteer teacher and I am just that. I am a math teacher by profession and I have also volunteered to teach. In other words, you can have a day job to support yourself and your family and still help people.

Every summer when school is out, I go abroad with other volunteers. We go to third-world countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. Most of the money we spend abroad comes from our own pockets. The money we acquire from donations usually goes to the children who cannot go through school. We use it to build simple huts and turn it into school rooms. We purchase blackboards, chalks, chairs and tables and other equipment that should be a basic commodity in schools.

Aside from monetary donations, we also ask people to donate school books. Many Americans are generous and we have a large assortment of books, pages and pages of valuable lessons. In each place we go to, we aim to make a mini library. It is quite satisfying seeing the children flip through the pages with wide-eyed looks. How fascinating to see them entranced with the wonderful world of knowledge.

Books are no problem because there are more than enough donated ones. We are constantly in need of paper and pens. Because of the lack of money, I decided to shell out a part of my savings to purchase logo pens. I was able to get a big discount because of the huge bulk of my order. The great thing about these is being able to put the organization's contact details on them. That fact allowed our organization to get recognized for our hard work as well. We certainly need all the help we can get to be well-known since we are in need of additional volunteers and additional donations in terms of paper, pens and other materials the kids will need for school.

It is truly satisfying seeing them use the promo pens that I bought. You can truly see the happiness on those kids' faces. I did not know that something as simple as a pen could bring so much joy to one person. I am glad that I made the right choice. To well off kids, that simple item is just another thing inside their bag. But to them, it opened a whole lot of opportunities and hope.

Thanks to, I was able to choose from a variety of long-lasting Bic promotional pens. They were able to supply me with what I needed. They were a big help as well in terms of the discount I got for purchasing in large volumes. While browsing through the website, an idea came to me. I will also order Parker pens for the volunteers and the benefactors. It was such a wonderful feeling acknowledging the wonderful people who helped us with our cause. Aside from promotional reasons, it allowed us to give appreciation to where it was due.

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