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Monday, October 22, 2012

Promo Pens as Tokens for Excelling University Students

Shared Personal Customer Story:

I am a university professor. I have taught Architecture and Existentialist Philosophy for twenty-four years. Teaching has been my life and it will be until I am extremely old enough to teach. For the whole part of my life, I have clung on to my knowledge and my pen.

Being a university professor, I normally recognize students who excel in my classes. I have high regards to students who really put a lot of effort into my classes to excel. I consider them the best students in the university as my classes are considered the most intellectually demanding and physically draining.

I don’t exactly remember who put that label into my classes as it had already been cemented in the academic walls. Nevertheless, I find joy in those students who overcome that label and still firm enough to stand out among the hundreds of students in the campus.

For the longest time, I have given plaques and medals to my excelling students. I give those tokens not as awards but as personal recognition as well as a way to spread my name as a professor carrying the name of the university.

Overtime, a lot of fellow professors have started giving similar tokens to their students. In addition to that, they have managed to secure the university’s seal for every token they give out. I felt a little bit behind and out of place when I heard that one fellow professor started giving out medals with strong emboss of the university’s name. I heard that he’s been receiving a lot of praises because of his proactive move to subliminally promote the university.

I used to have the noblest name in the university and I have single-handedly carried the reputation of the academe to the farthest reaches of my students and communities. However, my place has slowly been retreated by a group of other fellow professors I have influenced.

To put my best foot forward again, I decided to convene with the university’s faculty and suggested a way of promoting our name by way of tokens. My goal was really to streamline a system of recognition, whether official or non-official, in order for students to acknowledge the unity of the university.

My idea came after a re-viewing of the movie, A Beautiful Mind. I was so moved by the last part of the movie where John Nash finally received the Nobel fellows’ recognition and he was given The Pen.

I told the faculty to search for the best logo pen that would serve as the university’s unofficial recognition token to students who excel in their specific classes. The promotional pen would have a carved quote from the professor giving out the token as well as the professor’s name and the university name. I promised the faculty that such a gesture would separate us from other universities. Moreover, the said gesture would remind excelling students of a similar acknowledgement – which is the Nobel fellowship.

My idea was well-received and I was again able to cement my name back into the halls of the university. The said recognition token was considered to be an elite gesture given only to the most deserving students in a school year. Other universities in the city and nearby states also found it very symbolic and elegant.

Doufold Gold Plated
After some deliberations, a young faculty member approached me and directed me to the site The site proved to be a very good source of information for promo pens. I personally chose Parker pens, specifically the Doufold Gold Plated series to be given away as tokens for excelling students.

Today, I am proud to have given away at least 5 Doufold Gold Plated series to 5 students in 2 years. They have been very proud as well to have received such an honorable recognition for their excellence and contribution in the university.

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