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Monday, July 30, 2012

Promo Pens for Wedding Planners

Shared Personal Story:

No wedding nowadays would survive without a wedding planner. I should know: I'm one. I've done a lot of work just putting weddings together and coordinating the wedding cake, gowns, entourage, and food, not to mention the music, band, flowers, and the quintessential irate mother-in-law. I've done a lot of work making sure that the bridge and groom have their best wedding ever.

I also want to promote my abilities as a wedding planner, and make sure that my company gets in on the bargain of getting themselves promoted. I thought of making a promo pen. I added pastel colors to it for my spring weddings, darker and earthier colors for my fall weddings, glitter for my winter weddings, and bright colors for my summer weddings. Because my pens came in different colors, they sometimes even matched the weddings where I gave them away.

I didn't have a hard time in my promotion campaign. My promotional pens left my desk easily! The brides and grooms that I was with would take the pens, keep them, and even show them off to their friends! Because my name and number were on the pens, people could easily contact me and ask for my wedding coordination expertise. I even handed out promotional pens at one reception after the bride took me aside, bragged about me to her friends – and encouraged them all to be my clients!

There are other ways for you to get promotional pens for your wedding planning business. You can dress up the pen barrel with lace patterns or flower patterns. You can have wedding quotes on the barrel. You can even propose that your bride and groom give away pens at their wedding, with their names and wedding date, as well as your contact info.

Dress up your promotion campaign with a great promo pen. For more promo pens, try You will find a wide variety of pens that will suit your needs and budget.

Here are some great promotional executive pens to use for weddings:

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