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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Promo Pens for Handicrafts People

Shared Customer Story:

My friends and I love making crafts. We have bookmarks, figurines, bags, and even shoes that are custom made! Crafts are a great way to take the stress out of your day.

However, it can be hard to sell handicrafts. A lot of people need them, say as souvenir items or gifts to give away for the holidays. But it can be hard to promote yourself when no one knows that there are artists all around them. My friends and I decided that we should have a promotion plan so that our handicrafts would not go unnoticed.

We decided to promote our business using promotional pens. Promotional pens are actually fun to have if you are a handicrafts person because you can also dress up your promotional pens! Because I knit things, I chose a promo pen design that looks like a knitting pattern. My friend makes tiny bags for cellular phones and other small accessories, so her promotional pen had rope coming out of the top, as though the pen itself were a bag!

There are so many ways that your promotional pen can help represent your business. I got more clients because I had my name and contact info on my promo pen, and I gave away my promotional pens to all my clients. That way, they never forgot me when they wanted to have something new, and their friends found out that they could get nice gifts made exclusively by me, too.

All my crafts friends are now the proud owners and designers of promotional pens. They have found yet another way to exercise their creativity and get the word out on their creations.

If you are in need of promo pens for your business, then head on over to You will find a lot of pens for your promotions needs, whether you need a simple ball point or a really attractive executive pen. 

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