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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Promotional Pens for Colleges and Universities

New Customer Story:

I'm a college professor, and I've seen all kinds of students under my care. I've been through a lot of education and career fairs, where I've recruited students to join my university. I've been through a lot of information fairs, where I've shown people what my university does. Nothing piques people's interest more than knowing that the university or college right in their backyard can help them do a lot of things better. Nothing grabs their attention more than free things.

A few years ago, I decided that I had to step up my promotion campaign for my university. I decided that if we needed to promote the university, we also had to have a good promo pen. So I designed promotional pens that had our university name and logo, as well as our website. I also requested for pens that would fit the specific needs of our target audience. For instance, if I was going on an education and college recruitment fair, I requested a pen that had a normal ballpoint end, but a highlighter on the other end.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Promo Pens for Poets and Novelists

Shared Personal Promo Pen Story:

As a poet and novelist, all I have is my pen. A lot of greeting card companies ask me for verses for their latest lines of cards. I do my own novel writing on the side, and I enjoy it. I do have my laptop, but there are lots of times when inspiration hits and I can't simply turn my laptop on. I have to grab my pen and paper, and I have to write things down.

You probably do the same thing, too, whether you're making a to-do list or taking down notes for an idea that you just got while driving your car. It's this common Reaching for the Nearest Pen phenomenon that triggered my promotion idea. I needed to promote my writing skills, and I could use promotional pens.

Nothings speaks “Writer” more than a good promo pen. I put in my name and blog address, as well as my contact information. I also put in a few things that I did: writing, editing, and poetry. I knew that a lot of people would remember me: a pen, after all, was the writer's weapon of choice. We as writers don't often get recognition for what we do. Promotional pens can sometimes help us out.

I got a lot of compliments for my promotional pens. People started asking me to edit their work, and as soon as they saw that I could write poetry, they referred me to greeting card companies. I even got a stint writing a businessman's speech for his company party! There were many gigs just because I shared my information with the world. More people got my promotional pens and appreciated that I wanted to tell them more about what I did. My clients spread the word for me.

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