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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Promotional Pens for a Pediatric Doctor

Young people, especially children, need a lot of attention and care especially when it comes to their health. As expected they are quite restless and can get into a lot of accidents. It can happen during sports, playtime and practically anytime. You cannot really blame parents and guardians for that since they do not have full control over situations sometimes.

It is understandable that parents will bring their children to their family doctor who treats individuals from the youngest to the oldest in the family. However, it is always better to bring them to specialists because we are trained to focus on them and their special needs. You can have peace of mind that the expert you are going to is the right one.

Aside from knowing what to do and pinpointing the exact ailments, I am equipped to make children feel comfortable. As a child myself, I have once been terrified of going for visits. I was afraid of being poked at, scared of facing the big bad needle. When I was not feeling well, my parents took me to the pediatrician and I always felt better after those visits.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Promotional Pens as Party Souvenirs

Shared Customer Story:

I celebrated my birthday a couple of months ago. Since it was my 40th birthday, I wanted to have a huge celebration. Months before the big day, I already started planning for it. I knew that there were so many things that I had to prepare. I had to make decisions on the venue, food, and even the giveaways. Choosing a venue was easy because I already had one in mind. I picked the same venue where my friend celebrated his birthday. As for the food, I gave the job to my sister. She’s a chef and she knows exactly what good food is.

When it came to the giveaways, I decided to do the job on my own. I wanted to make sure that I picked souvenirs that were right for the occasion. There were so many options available. Choosing an item was somewhat hard for me merely because there were so many things to choose from. I was not so concerned with the price because I was financially prepared for the occasion.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Promotional Pens for a Non-Profit Organization

Shared Personal Customer Story;
Many times when we were children, we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up. Most of us would answer with careers that are sure to be financially fulfilling. I was that kind of child and I grew up with other kids who were also well off. I was that kind of child until I chanced upon a documentary about children who wanted to go to school but could not because of monetary problems. From that moment, I knew I wanted to finish school to help the less fortunate people.

When you are a volunteer for a non-profit organization, it does not mean that you do not find any other work but that. I have a day job and I completed my course with flying colors. I once promised myself that I was going to be a volunteer teacher and I am just that. I am a math teacher by profession and I have also volunteered to teach. In other words, you can have a day job to support yourself and your family and still help people.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Promo Pens as Tokens for Excelling University Students

Shared Personal Customer Story:

I am a university professor. I have taught Architecture and Existentialist Philosophy for twenty-four years. Teaching has been my life and it will be until I am extremely old enough to teach. For the whole part of my life, I have clung on to my knowledge and my pen.

Being a university professor, I normally recognize students who excel in my classes. I have high regards to students who really put a lot of effort into my classes to excel. I consider them the best students in the university as my classes are considered the most intellectually demanding and physically draining.

I don’t exactly remember who put that label into my classes as it had already been cemented in the academic walls. Nevertheless, I find joy in those students who overcome that label and still firm enough to stand out among the hundreds of students in the campus.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Promotional Pens Saved My Business

Shared Personal Customer Story:

For the past five years that I have been a small business owner, I have experienced a lot of successes and a couple of failures. When the economic crisis came, my business was shaken. It was the toughest time for me. I even felt that I was on the brink of losing all my investments. I knew I had to make a move. I knew that I had to look for a way to promote my business and stay ahead of my competitors. Although some of my business rivals were closing down, it did not help me a lot. Customers were scarce, and I barely had sales coming in. There were a lot of sleepless nights and all those hours were spent looking for a marketing strategy that could help me.

I thought that it was going to be easy for me to promote my business, only to realize that I had limited funds. If I could not spend my remaining funds properly, I might just lose everything. The search for the ideal promotional campaign took a lot of days until an idea came along. I thought about giving gifts to my first-time and loyal customers. I knew that I had to take care of my loyal customers and make sure that they would stick with me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Small Business Owner's Experience with Promo Pens

Shared Personal Story:

Being a small business owner is hard in this economy. Not everyone has money to spend, and even your employees can find it hard to come to the office everyday. As a small business owner, I have to deal with both these problems, as well as clients who might think that all I'm after is profit.

I decided that if I wanted to keep my business afloat, then I had to help promote it. I bought promotional pens for my office, with my company logo on them, and inspirational messages for my employees. They needed to have some words of wisdom on their desk to remind them that they still had a job, and they were doing well - they were still lucky. They also needed to know that I was listening to them and that I shared in their troubles.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Promo Pens for Wedding Planners

Shared Personal Story:

No wedding nowadays would survive without a wedding planner. I should know: I'm one. I've done a lot of work just putting weddings together and coordinating the wedding cake, gowns, entourage, and food, not to mention the music, band, flowers, and the quintessential irate mother-in-law. I've done a lot of work making sure that the bridge and groom have their best wedding ever.

I also want to promote my abilities as a wedding planner, and make sure that my company gets in on the bargain of getting themselves promoted. I thought of making a promo pen. I added pastel colors to it for my spring weddings, darker and earthier colors for my fall weddings, glitter for my winter weddings, and bright colors for my summer weddings. Because my pens came in different colors, they sometimes even matched the weddings where I gave them away.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Promo Pens for Handicrafts People

Shared Customer Story:

My friends and I love making crafts. We have bookmarks, figurines, bags, and even shoes that are custom made! Crafts are a great way to take the stress out of your day.

However, it can be hard to sell handicrafts. A lot of people need them, say as souvenir items or gifts to give away for the holidays. But it can be hard to promote yourself when no one knows that there are artists all around them. My friends and I decided that we should have a promotion plan so that our handicrafts would not go unnoticed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Promotional Pens for Colleges and Universities

New Customer Story:

I'm a college professor, and I've seen all kinds of students under my care. I've been through a lot of education and career fairs, where I've recruited students to join my university. I've been through a lot of information fairs, where I've shown people what my university does. Nothing piques people's interest more than knowing that the university or college right in their backyard can help them do a lot of things better. Nothing grabs their attention more than free things.

A few years ago, I decided that I had to step up my promotion campaign for my university. I decided that if we needed to promote the university, we also had to have a good promo pen. So I designed promotional pens that had our university name and logo, as well as our website. I also requested for pens that would fit the specific needs of our target audience. For instance, if I was going on an education and college recruitment fair, I requested a pen that had a normal ballpoint end, but a highlighter on the other end.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Promo Pens for Poets and Novelists

Shared Personal Promo Pen Story:

As a poet and novelist, all I have is my pen. A lot of greeting card companies ask me for verses for their latest lines of cards. I do my own novel writing on the side, and I enjoy it. I do have my laptop, but there are lots of times when inspiration hits and I can't simply turn my laptop on. I have to grab my pen and paper, and I have to write things down.

You probably do the same thing, too, whether you're making a to-do list or taking down notes for an idea that you just got while driving your car. It's this common Reaching for the Nearest Pen phenomenon that triggered my promotion idea. I needed to promote my writing skills, and I could use promotional pens.

Nothings speaks “Writer” more than a good promo pen. I put in my name and blog address, as well as my contact information. I also put in a few things that I did: writing, editing, and poetry. I knew that a lot of people would remember me: a pen, after all, was the writer's weapon of choice. We as writers don't often get recognition for what we do. Promotional pens can sometimes help us out.

I got a lot of compliments for my promotional pens. People started asking me to edit their work, and as soon as they saw that I could write poetry, they referred me to greeting card companies. I even got a stint writing a businessman's speech for his company party! There were many gigs just because I shared my information with the world. More people got my promotional pens and appreciated that I wanted to tell them more about what I did. My clients spread the word for me.

If you want to have your own promo pen, then go to You'll find different kinds of promotional pens that will suit your needs.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Promo Pens for Freelance Web Designers

New Customer Story:

A website can be a great thing to have, whether you're an up-and-coming company that's headed for the big leagues, or a veteran company with a well-defined client base. I've worked with both, and everything in between. As a freelance web designer, I've found that I'm a precious commodity in a bad economy: I don't need to be paid every month as a regular member of the staff, but my services are required to keep the company afloat and marketed to its clients and would-be clients.

However, there are a lot of web designers out there, and I know that we all have our own skills. I don't want to get undercut, much less left out. So I promote myself using promotional pens. My promotion effort started years ago when I found that a lot of companies wanted a web designer but didn't have the time to look through loads of resumes.

I designed a promo pen that was black and snazzy: it caught everyone's attention. On that promo pen, I had my name, email, and my web address. I also added the addresses of the three most important websites that I had designed, and had them printed on the barrel. This way, my pen became a walking resume! All that my clients needed to do was look at my promotional pens to know what I had already worked on.

I handed the promotional pens out to my clients, and to anyone who asked for my help. Word quickly got out that there was a freelance web designer who had a lot of clients and who could do the job well and in a short amount of time. I got more clients after that!

If you want your own promotional pens, then visit You'll find a lot of designs and colors that you can choose from to fit your promo pen needs.